I was led to pray for people that I’m not thankful for.

Yahuah, please help my enemies.  You said to bless those who persecute me for your namesake.  It is hard for them to see me and for me to understand the state of their heart.  They are out to conquer and divide families.  Heal their hearts and soften the wounds of my brothers and sisters and make them whole.  Give them a Divine encounter so that their lives will be forever changed for the better.  Continue to keep me and bless me with your love, grace, and mercy.  Allow me the strength to bestow grace and mercy to my enemies that they will see Christ in me.  In the name of Yahusha.


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This Is Me Today - "GIVE AWAY AN UGG"

I am a freelance writer. I manage a weekend flea market in Delaware County, PA, and operate an online flea market for new and pre-owned accessories that are high end and valuable to the consumer. I am looking to promote my charity, "GIVE AWAY AN UGG". This charity is requesting donations of pre-owned UGGs Boots and shoes to sell to a consumer, or less fortunate person who would like to feel that luxury and comfort that only an UGG boot can give, with its hand- crafted attention to detail and top quality sheep skin. These boots are light weight and perfect for a walk on the beach. The finest materials are used to create these boots and give them the value they deserve and if taken care of properly, they can last a long time. Donations are tax exemptions.

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