From Failure to Success

All of us have had our share of failure in more ways than one. How should we handle failure? Many people give up to defeat, not knowing that God hasn’t given up on them. Failure and defeat should not be the end. We have a chance for a new beginning living in the strength of Christ.

The Enemy’s goal is to damage our faith so much that we’re useless to ourselves, others and most importantly God. The Enemy wants us as far away from our true purpose, and what God has for our lives to enrich and empower us to live to our best and full potential. He will go after our strengths, the areas we believe ourselves to be invincible, or at least very well protected. These are areas where we can become very prideful because we feel that we have become “so special” due to our own efforts and doing. When the Enemy succeeds in crushing our attempts at success, we are disappointed and demoralized. But we don’t have to stay that way.

If you are willing, God can use our failures and defeats to do a spiritual cleaning in us. We have to lay down our pride and instead, allow the Holy Spirit to do the work that is needed in us to bring forth greater faith and true servanthood towards the Lord’s kingdom.


This Is Me Today

I picked this title for my personal brand.  It seemed fitting because it is a coming out for me.  No, I am not gay or any of the labels for certain letters of the alphabet.  I don’t know what I was before coming into myself 4 years ago.  I believe I was lost, confused, depleted, helpless, disappointed and hopeless.  That was when the lights came on for me.  Realizing that you’ve been brainwashed and programmed since birth, this will havetraumatic effects on the psyche.  There is a process that one must undergo in order to break away from the constant daily programming that has infected this world since the beginning of time. 

 I was not centered or self-aware enough to claim myself.  Others were claiming me and I did not have the chance to claim my life.  I had my mid-life crisis after turning 53 years old, 4 years ago.  After undergoing a complete self-reflection and introspection of my life, it was apparent then that nothing would ever be the same again from my point of view on life.  My whole way of thinking and processing information had changed in a blink of an eye.  Certain things that felt right before, no longer felt right to me anymore.  I was going through a major download and upgrade of my brain and how I internalized ideas and emotions.  My focus became clearer and I was able to decipher ideas and concepts faster than before, as if I was asleep all of my life and finally woke up at 53.  That to me is an awakening on the spiritual level, and although it was scary forme, I needed to go through it to come out healed and whole.  So This Is Me Today.


What’s in it for me…

What’s in it for me? This is a question that we ponder when ever we have to make a decision concerning something in our lives, whether good or bad.  Most people when faced to make a crucial decision which could affect the course of their lives should factor in the consequences of making the decision at hand, usually one should weigh the pros and cons and if the scale leans more to one side, then the decision with the least amount of risk, will or should be made.  If the pros out weigh the cons, then the decision should be a no brainer.


Yah, The Most High has a perfect plan for each of us.  He can fill that empty hole in our lives and reshape our hidden desires.  If there is a need that you are longing for, He can bring it about.  When you get lost in your reflection of The Most High, He gives you the desires of your heart.  He is better than we can imagine, and if we will only put Him first in our life, the rest will fall into place.


I was led to pray for people that I’m not thankful for.

Yahuah, please help my enemies.  You said to bless those who persecute me for your namesake.  It is hard for them to see me and for me to understand the state of their heart.  They are out to conquer and divide families.  Heal their hearts and soften the wounds of my brothers and sisters and make them whole.  Give them a Divine encounter so that their lives will be forever changed for the better.  Continue to keep me and bless me with your love, grace, and mercy.  Allow me the strength to bestow grace and mercy to my enemies that they will see Christ in me.  In the name of Yahusha.



Today is a good day to start a blog post.  I love to write about anything.  I often said that one day I was going to write a book about my interesting life.  But, a book is so overwhelming and I would have to take it one day at a time.  To help me along, I decided to start out with writing a blog post because it is short and conveys a lot in a few paragraphs.

My life has been a mess for the past two years and I need to direct this energy from the trauma or fall-out to something creative.  I want to speak on how I am healing through the hell I’ve been through.  It will help to clear out my mind and for me to revisit what I’ve been through and the strides I’ve made to get better.

Writing calms my inner self and helps me to regulate my life in a strange way.  I have so much to say,  but there are not enough hours in a day to put it down on paper.  Writing is something that comes easily to me compared to any other discipline.  It fuels my inner creative self in ways that nothing else could possibly do.  You are never too old to write.  Some of us are fortunate to catch it early in life and some of us have always had it in us all of our lives, but have decided to branch out with it later in life. It doesn’t matter when you do it, just write.